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Mary Ellen Cann
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Celebrating 38 Years of Highland Dancing!

Welcome to the Royal City of Guelph's Official Highland Dance Studio which was formed in 1980.

Our studio offers classes in this beautiful form of dance, to both the competitive highland dancer and the recreational dancer.  We offer the traditional form of Highland Dancing with the historic dances that show the endurance and strength to the artistry and softness of the graceful movements of highland dancing.

We are offering our Spring 2019 Highland Dancing Classes*

We offer our Primary classes on Thursday nights 5:30-6:30:   Ages 4-6 years     
Primary Highland dances - Primary ballet - Rope skipping - TippyToe class - Balance and Stretch.

We offer our Beginner classes on Monday and  Wednesday nights 5:30-6:30: Ages 7 to 11 years. Primary class ages 4-6 years Thursday 5:30-6:30.
Primary and Beginner Highland dances - Primary ballet - Rope skipping - TippyToe class - Balance and Stretch.

We offer our recreational - examination and competitive dancers Beginner - Novice class - Tuesday 6:30-8:30. Ages 7 and up
Recreational and competitive dances and including choreography class. Rope skipping - Balance and Stretch - basic Ballet strengthenging class. 

We offer Competitve competition classes for all competitive levels  13 and over: Classes Monday & Wednesdays 6:30-8:30
Junior & Senior championship Steps.   Examination and Competitive dances - Basic Ballet - Balance and Stretch - Rope skipping.  Scholarship work - Special Events display choreography work.

Special classes for former highland dancers - University of Gueph student discount.  See Monday & Wednesday night classes.

Associate and Member preparation classes available for B.A.T.D. or  S.D.T.A.  Please contact for more information.

Registrations for Beginner dancers ages 4-13 on going. No formal dance experince needed - Recreational or regular classes.

Email to Register 2019 Highland Class -


BATD North American Sadie Simpson Scholarships 

Maggie -5th Runner-up Senior Choreography Dance Section
Banff 2018

Studio Images of Dancers may not be used without written consent - c:

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